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(Foto: Maike Glöckner)

(Foto: Maike Glöckner)

(Foto: Maike Glöckner)

Prof. Dr. Lea Ann Dailey

Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmaceutics
Biopharmacy group

Floor 1 - Room 139
Wolfgang-Langenbeck-Str. 4
06120 Halle (Saale)

phone: +49 (0) 345 55-25000
fax: +49 (0) 345 55-27292

Nanomedicines and Nanodiagnostics Research Themes

My research interests focus on the development of novel nanoformulations for pulmonary drug delivery12-29. I was one of the first researchers to investigate the toxicology of biodegradable polymer nanoparticles in the lung25, a study which merged my interests in nanotoxicology and nanomedicine research. At King’s College London, we assessed the in vivo biocompatibility of a range of drug carrier systems in the lung, whereby a number of exciting achievements were made. We were able to correlate nanoparticle surface hydrophobicity with acute lung inflammation18 and using metabolomics identified adenosine monophosphate as a putative soluble biomarker of nanoparticle-induced neutrophilic inflammation17.  We also identified albumin-based nanoparticles and lipid nanocapsules (LNC) as materials that are particularly well-tolerated in the lung, even at high concentrations. Using longitudinal SPECT-CT imaging, we could show that LNC exhibited a half-life of ~10 h in the murine lung13, in contrast to albumin-based systems with a much longer half-life of ~96 h (figure 1)15. This work has led directly to two current projects investigating different nanocarrier systems for inhaled tuberculosis treatment with benzothiazinones, a class of anti-mycobacterial drug compounds. It also led another current project investigating alveolar macrophage responses to inhaled poorly soluble drug compounds and the development of a high-content in vitro screen designed to predict problematic compound-induced foamy macrophage development. This work is funded by the UK NC3R and Germany’s Stiftung set, with sponsorship from GSK, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Envigo.

figure 1

figure 1

figure 1


In 2013, I began a fruitful collaboration with the Division of Imaging Sciences at King’s College London, utilising my expertise in nanotoxicology to assess the biocompatibility of photoluminescent p-conjugated polymers as safer alternatives to quantum dots for optical imaging applications1-11. Initially a side project, this research theme rapidly expanded to encompass roughly half of my current research activities. In this field we have been able improve formulation design for novel near-infrared emitting conjugated polymers (abbr. P3/P4, figure 2)1, establish a microfluidics-based manufacturing method for conjugated polymers encapsulated in biodegradable nanocarrier systems2, and assess the biocompatibility of a wide range of nanodiagnostics4-9. In addition to investigating p-conjugated polymer nanoparticles for clinical use, we are also assessing whether they can be used to enhance the signal detection limits of lateral flow immunoassay assays for ex vivo diagnostic applications10.

figure 2

figure 2

figure 2

Full publication list grouped by research themes

Publications: Nanodiagnostics

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Publications: Inhaled Nanomedicines

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Publications: Inhalation Translation

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Publications: Polymeric nanoparticles for drug delivery

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Publications: Nitric oxide

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