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Exchange program students

Erasmus + Program

Fabio Strati and Marianne Heupepok, chemistry and pharmaceutical technologies students from the University of Parma (Italy), are carrying out their master thesis in our working group with the project "Investigating lipid-lipid interactions in cat-anionic monolayers and bilayers" and "Investigating the effect of glycerol on drug transport across model pulmonary interfaces", respectively. As part of the Erasmus plus program, Fabio and Marianne will work with us for 10 months, until July 2018, under the supervision of Dr. Richard Harvey.

University of Algarve

Susana Rodrigues is a biological engineer from the University of Algarve who performed 3 months (from June to August 2017) of her Ph.D. program in our working group, under the supervision of Prof. Lea Ann Dailey. Susana is currently finishing her Ph.D. in Mechanisms of Disease and Regenerative Medicine with a thesis entitled "Development of polysaccharide-based carriers for pulmonary tuberculosis therapy". Her Ph.D. scholarship is funded by FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (reference SFRH/BD/52426/2013).